Food for thought.

If your life were a novel, would you be the protagonist (the hero) or the antagonist (the villain)?

Life is a collection of stories. Each one of us plays several roles at once–the main character of our own story, the villain of someone else’s, the supporting character of friends’ and family’s stories, a passerby character in the stories of people we meet but don’t get to know, et cet. The possibilities are literally endless.

That is one of the problems of fiction, in my opinion. One character is typically made out to be a good guy or a bad guy–black and white, good and evil. But real, living beings are not this way. We are some sort of conglomeration of good and bad and random and supporting roles. Probably more of us are Boromirs than Aragorns. We struggle with right and wrong, and if the situation is dire enough, we will probably choose poorly. There aren’t many of us who just pop out [of our mother’s womb] with an innate determination to do what is right. Maybe there are none of us. I’m not sure. I’ll let the philosophers and theologians argue that one.

But about one thing, there can be no argument: We are not flat characters. We are motivated by fears, passions, responsibilities, relationships, economics, culture, religion, and a countless number of other things.

That is what fiction needs–characters who have logical motivations. It was logical for Boromir to try and take the ring from Frodo. His people were dying. His father was expecting him to save the day. Right or wrong, his choice to pursue the ring in his moment of weakness was absolutely understandable. It was not a random literary wrench that Tolkien used just to stir the plot. It was a logical result of the character of Boromir (note: logical, not necessary).

So who are you in your life’s novel? Good guy or bad guy? And are your choices logical to your character?

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6 Responses to Characters

  1. iceangel16 says:

    If you look at the story of me, I’m my OWN villian. There is a song by Lit that has a line “I’m my own worst enemy” and that is what I am to myself. So, I’m gonna go with villian.

  2. Dawn says:

    In the past, I’ve always been the protag in some form or another, snippets of personality my family and friends could point to and say: Hey, I recognize that!
    But in my latest MS, I’m not the protag or the antag, but rather, someone on the outside wishing I could be my heroine. She’s confident, fun, sassy, good at what she does, and not afraid to speak her mind. If she lived beside me, I’d hang out with her every day. Lucky for me, I can spend as much time with her as I want – and hope that some of her awesomeness rubs off on me 🙂

    • semmie says:


      I feel the same way about my heroine! She is such a remarkable woman. I think I may have subconsciously written her to be everything I wish I could be–confident, easygoing, social, strong, humble. I may never be her, but I do love hanging out with her. 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by, Dawn!

  3. Ray says:

    Hiya Sarahmoo….
    My role would be a day-to-day switcheroo. Some days I wake up with the desire to champion good; help people on the side of the road, let someone know their car lights are on, stop lemmings from going over the edge….goody two shoes kinda stuff. Other days, I want to beat ‘that dude’ up, and laugh at the poor shmuck on the side of the road (will still stop and help, though), let the ‘left the lights on’ person learn the hard way, and PUSH the stupid lemmings en masse. Snidley Whiplash coulda whupped Dudley DoRight’s butt, I am sure….but, then Nell woulda become the heroine.
    In the end, good wins….even if it looks the other way around.

  4. Ray says:

    Hiya Sarahmoo; me again. Dont know if I can post a vid here, but found one apropos to my comment/this blog…..

    if it doesnt post, youtube Crash Test Dummies, Superman

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