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Sunflowers & Prose

Writing is hard work. It requires time, planning, dedication, and effort. It’s like gardening, in a sense. It’s especially like gardening in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. You can’t just throw seeds in the ground and walk away, expecting a … Continue reading

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Trade in Fminor

I so enjoy spending time with L.D. We made play-dough this afternoon, and then we sat at the table and drew maps of some made-up world (his nation and my nation are allies, of course). I haven’t made a map … Continue reading

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Tis the Season: AWs September Blog Chain

It’s time again for the AW Blog Chain, and this month’s theme is seasons. And just in time, I might add! I was going to share my poem, “Sniffle, Sniffle, Runny Nose,” but thought better of it. 😉 Here, instead, … Continue reading

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Slow & Sudden Change: Character Building

I have been daydreaming, I confess. I love this time of the year. I love that it’s warm enough to enjoy the outdoors and cool enough to not loathe it. I love how the color of the lake changes subtly … Continue reading

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Long Lost

What are your long lost passions? A long lost friend (who shall remain nameless) asked me recently what my song lyrics are looking like lately. It shocked and embarrassed me. It shocked me because…nobody really asks me that anymore. Well, … Continue reading

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AW’s Colorful Blog Chain

It’s been a couple of months since I participated in the AW Blog Chain (I’ve been busy!), but when I saw this topic, I couldn’t resist!  The challenge is: If you had to pick one color, and one color only, … Continue reading

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What I Would Say

What could be more fun than finding old papers with poems and letters you had forgotten about? It helps me to remember the places I’ve been, the faces I’ve forgotten, the things I’ve struggled with, the victories. Anyway, this is … Continue reading

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