Sally’s Blog Questions

Sally Hanan is asking her readers to reevaluate their own blogs. I thought this would be an insightful exercise, so here I go! If you play along, link back to Sally, please–and toss a link to your blog in my comments so we can see what you said.

What made you start your blog? What made me start this particular blog was a desire to have a voice (whether good or ill) on topics of Christianity, Culture, and Life in general.

How did you decide what to post about? I knew that my blog needed to be more focused, and I was torn between two or three things that I am passionate about. In the end, I found that I wasn’t ready to be blogging about the others, so I went with Culture and Christianity.

Who is your target audience? Christians who want to see the culture of Christianity changed in America.

How many people have you managed to inspire/help? Including myself? I’d say…one.

If you were to change one thing about your posts, what would it be? I have a terrible habit of writing two drafts per topic. The first draft is my opinionated, colorful, no-holds-bar, vehement and screaming take on a subject; the second (the one I actually post) is so filtered and then watered down that it often doesn’t reflect the first at all. I would like to find a balance between the two.

If you were to completely change your posts, what would you write about instead? The Theology of Music. Or Writing.

Do you need to zone in on a more specific topic or broaden your topic choices? Both, I think.

Will you post with the same frequency? I haven’t been posting with the regularity that I would like. My goal is not only to post more regularly, but to begin writing things in advance that I can post on days when I don’t feel like baring my soul to the world.

Will your posts be the same length? I don’t know! Anybody out there have a thought about this? Are my posts typically too long? Too short? Just right?

Has it just been a good experience but your taste for it has gone? Some days I feel that way, but most days I feel excited about my blog and wish I had a brilliant topic to write about. Most days I feel like I short-change my audience by not having something colorful or challenging for them. This just requires better planning on my part.

What would happen if you never posted another thing? I would miss it terribly…but I bet I’d finish my novel. 😉

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2 Responses to Sally’s Blog Questions

  1. sallyhanan says:

    “I bet I’d finish my novel.” Hahaha. That’s the best ever.

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