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The Quotable Floyd, part III

Well, friends, I’ve avoided¬†my blog for several weeks now; and would be content to keep avoiding it, were it not for the incredibly quotable Floyd. I simply cannot resist sharing this semester’s quotes from Choral Society. As always, I do … Continue reading

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Thirds: Choir, Parallelism, & 5K

Hello Folks! The Summer is settling into something far more comfortable, something far less busy, something inspiringly familiar–Autumn. Here’s what’s happening in my Autumn-loving heart. Choir Our first rehearsal for the Fall 2013 semester is two days away! I cannot … Continue reading

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Seven Robins

I had a great idea this morning. I awoke and thought, “How ever many robins I see today, that is the number of things I will share on my blog.” Of course, I realized early this afternoon that I had … Continue reading

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Watch Floyd

Watch Floyd. Or…Look Up. Or…Fix Your Eyes. Or…”Then Let All the Living.” I can’t decide on an appropriate title for this blog. There are so many good choices. In just under two weeks time, the Marquette Choral Society will be … Continue reading

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The Three Loves of Herman Schmitzer

January 19, 1973. Yesterday marked the 40th anniversary of my Grandfather’s death. Though he died several years before I was born, he is a man who continues to shape my life, as well as (I know) the lives of all … Continue reading

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The Quotable Floyd

The Quotable Floyd or…What I learned at Choral Society… or……Take a breath! ¬† I am a quote junky. It’s true. Words inspire me. I love to be surrounded by words and quotes and ideas–even when they aren’t serious in nature, … Continue reading

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Adam Lay Ybounden

Have you heard this song? Oh…my goodness. Listen to it before you read my post. Please. Our Fearless Leader sprang this song on us at choir rehearsal last night. I regret to tell you that the experience sent me into … Continue reading

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