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She Sings the Dawn

Just before the light of day, before the rising of the world, gripped in silence, darkness, shame, there the rolling dawn unfurls. She breathes the chill of night away. It fades to navy, purple, flame. There the morning song resumes, … Continue reading

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Unmistakeably Me

About once a year, I pull out the blue file folder. You know, the one stuffed inside the other blue-glitter-star folder that’s stuffed inside the navy blue binder that’s sitting on my shelf beside the huge, black, duct-taped binder that … Continue reading

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It Is Here

It Is Here In growing tensions, silly smiles, and fading boundary lines; In excuses, unmet eyes, and frail from which we hide; In sorrows which we dare not speak, unmastered shame we bear; In holy friendship, holy fire, and holy, … Continue reading

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