The Elusive Novel & Who Was At the Temple

I’ve been working on my elusive fantasy novel. I have avoided it for too long, primarily because my villain and I were not seeing eye-to-eye about her behavior. However, I think I am finally back on speaking terms with all of my characters. We may not agree, but we’re on speaking terms.

I’ve decided to simplify the novel’s perspective. Instead of writing from each character’s viewpoint and shifting around, I am going to return to the original concept and just follow the main character. At least for the time-being. I think this is going to make more sense. It’s also going to facilitate something I really struggle with in my writing: Keeping Secrets. Writing from one perspective will, I think, cause the reader to ask more questions; and it may be, in the end, that only Koon, Steve, and I know who else was at the Temple on that fateful day.

I am struggling, however, with age propriety. I have already made the characters older than they were in my very first draft for believability’s sake, but I sense that they are still behaving older. It may require some tweaking, but I suppose it will have to wait for my beta readers.

Interestingly, I met one of my brother’s students and she had the same name as the Healer in my story. I thought I was being original in my name selection, so this came as a surprise to me. Still, kind of cool.

Where does it end? In an episode of NCIS, DiNozzo gives McGee grief about not knowing how his story is going to end. I laughed, but the truth is that I know a lot of writers who don’t know how their story will end. It’s more common than I would have expected. Still, it concerns me. If I don’t know where it ends, I won’t know where to stop. I am so in love with this world and these people that I fear I would just keep writing and writing and writing and…and someday realize that I’ve outwritten the story I started with.

So. Anybody have a suggestion for an ending? :)