My mom makes the best…

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mom makes the best…

My Mom makes the best of a lot of things—strawberry freezer jam, canned peaches, German potato salad, Swiss steak. But there is one thing my Mom makes that no one else can quite compare to: socks.

I’m not sure when this tradition began, but for many years now, Mom has been knitting a pair of socks for everyone in the family for Christmas. I honestly have lost count. The first pair that she made for me was in high school—they were made with a variegated brown yarn, and I loved them! I loved them so much, in fact, that I wore holes in the soles of each sock by the time I graduated! But at some point, she transitioned from just making them for the fun of it, to making them for us as part of our Christmas gift.

Now, come on—you’re thinking—any knitter can knit socks. Well, that’s true. Even I can knit socks! But no one can knit them like my Mom. She pain-stakingly unravels the yarn to line up the pattern just right. Her stitches are perfectly even, she doesn’t have holes in the sides when she adds the side heel stitches, and she sews the toe stitches together with such care that you can’t tell they aren’t knit!

No one makes socks like Momma. Sometimes she grows tired of making them, I think. Every year she asks me if I’ll be disappointed if I don’t get socks for Christmas. I always tell her the same thing—I love getting socks; I have enough of them; you don’t have to make me another pair. But secretly, my heart is saying, “Yes! Please don’t skip out on the socks this year, Momma!”

If you’re fortunate enough to have a pair (or a dozen) from her, I hope you realize what a treasure you have, and how much love and care she puts into making them for you. I also hope you’ll hold onto them and keep them in the family. Wouldn’t it be funny if—one hundred years from now—our kids and grandkids and great-grandkids were still wearing Grandma Heidi socks?

All my love,

Aunt Sarah