Missions: Will You Be the One?

There’s a voice that keeps calling out

For someone who’s not afraid

To be a beacon in the night

To a world that’s lost its way.

Will you be the one to answer to his call?

Will you stand when those around you fall?

Will you be the one to take his light into a darkened world?

Tell me, will you be the one?


This is an old lyric from Al Denson. I don’t recall when I first heard it, but it was one of the songs I carried with me throughout my years in Hancock, Michigan. I was in a constant state of seeking God’s purpose for my life, it seemed–a constant state of surrendering and asking God to use me somehow, someway.

My senior year, our chapter of New Kids performed this song. I remember secretly wanting to get the solo, but in the end, I was far more blessed; Rachel and I alternated the solo on another song (a Smitty song, remember, Rach? Uhm…”we’re passengers aboard the train, silent little lambs amidst the pain”…?), and Mark Plichta asked me to play piano for Be the One. It was all the better, as I could never control my emotions when I tried to sing it, anyway!

This song has been on my heart again the last few weeks. My niece and nephew, Mikayla and Clayton, are going on  missions trip to Brazil in a few short weeks. Mikayla sent me a letter a few weeks ago and asked me if I’ve ever been on a missions trip. I haven’t responded to her. Honestly, sometimes I feel like a major screw up. How can I encourage my niece and nephew to do missions when I haven’t?

But I have to be honest. There have been many moments in my life thus far when I’ve felt a stirring, a desire to hop a plane to some third world country where I can serve, build, sing, and sweat for others, for Christ. Missions have always been so close to my heart. Heck–my best friend growing up was an MK. Don’t tell her, but I used to be jealous of her for that reason. I wanted to be an MK, too!

Still, I think there’s a growing phenomenon in our Christian culture. There’s this idea that the real on-fire Christians do missions, and the mediocre Christians just stay here in America doing whatever they want. And maybe that’s true in some cases. But always?

I think I was willing. I think if God had opened the door wide and provided, I would have gone. But every time I grew restless and asked God for a mission field, it seems, He sent me someplace far more awkward–the public school system. Some day, I will write about it. Today, it will suffice to say that I wanted God to send me, and He did; and I still hope that the opportunity will arise for me to go on a missions trip. I’m not that old, after all. And I’m not obligated with a husband or children. Why not?

Whatever God speaks to our hearts, whatever He asks of us, whatever missions He brings us to, I hope we’ll continue to ask ourselves the questions. Will you be the one to answer to his call? Will you stand when those around you fall? Will you be the one to take his light into a darkened world?

May He grant us all the grace and courage to reply, “I will be the one.”