Tis the Season: AWs September Blog Chain

It’s time again for the AW Blog Chain, and this month’s theme is seasons. And just in time, I might add! I was going to share my poem, “Sniffle, Sniffle, Runny Nose,” but thought better of it. ;) Here, instead, is…something…very akin to my August piece.


It is the last day of humidity, heat-induced migraines, and summer bugs.

It is the scent of a pumpkin spice candle, a cup of sacred recipe hot cocoa, the snow on the air—not quite ready to fall.

It is Christmas lists, apple pies, and canned peaches.

It is the red of the Maple, the brown of the Oak, and the yellow of the Birch who sheds her leaves at the very last.

It is a return to home, settling in, and the gray boot socks that keep the chill away.

It is Thanksgiving and a million tiny snowmen, the raising of the tree, the turkey—thank God for the turkey—and all the fixins.

It is Bing Crosby on repeat all, repeat all, repeat all.

It is the moan and rattle of a wind that grabs and shakes the Pine,

the rush and flutter of the sparrows hiding from dagger-tipped raindrops,

the cloud that billows from my nostrils, only to be consumed by the vast and frigid night around me,

the sniffle turned sinus infection turned bronchitis that will bed me for weeks,

the last of Momma’s tomatoes, hanging in suspense as they await their final destiny in a glorious pot of homemade chili,

the fury and calm of Superior, demanding our respect and claiming the body, the life, and the breath of all who refuse it.

It is the only door to the Great White Season.

In its unrelenting and beautiful death of all that has so far been—

and thus, the first hope of all that has yet to be—

it is my favorite time of the year.

It is Autumn.


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