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Genealogy Do-Over: Week 1

A new year is the perfect time for a Genealogy Do-over! Many of us were genealogy addicts long before we had learned anything of the process, the resources, the citing of sources, etc. A do-over allows us the chance to go back, to start from scratch and … Continue reading

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The Joy & Fury of Genealogy Gifts

Family Historians live for those five precious words: I have something for you. Let’s all just take a moment to remember that the amount of “stuff” I have (and believe me, I’m trying to eliminate a lot of it) in … Continue reading

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Collaborative Genealogy

The question at GeneaBloggers today is this: Do you collaborate with others in terms of your own family history research, and if so, what methods do you use? I’m a great fan of collaboration where genealogy is concerned. Asking questions, … Continue reading

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Blue’s Clues

I wish that searching for family history was like an episode of Blue’s Clues. Every clue would have a blue paw print, screaming, “A clue!” It doesn’t really work that way. There’s no song and dance, no paw prints. I’m … Continue reading

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When You’re Not Looking

In the search for our roots, our ancestors and the stories of their lives, it’s easy to think we know what we’re looking for. We have a name and a birth date, after all. I’m learning, however, that sometimes the … Continue reading

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It is who we are. It is more than lines and genes, more than long-aged traditions and fading photographs, more than mothers, fathers, siblings, and more than a name. It is so much more. It is amazing to me how … Continue reading

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Book Review: Finding Your Roots

One of the blessings of my journal-making habit is that it forces me into St. Vincent de Paul’s to look for books I can recycle. I am often amazed at the books others throw away, and how such treasures can … Continue reading

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