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The RNC & the “is a vote for Hillary” Fallacy

Listen, I get it. I don’t want a Hillary presidency anymore than the next conservative. I hear the reasoning. I hear the concern in friends’ voices when they say, “yeah, but Hillary.” I really get it. I am there with … Continue reading

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On Sorrow & Grief

It’s important to grieve. It’s natural to grieve. It is good to grieve. Many (particularly Christians, for some reason) try to coax a premature joy in the midst of sorrow–from each other as well as ourselves. I am terribly guilty … Continue reading

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On the Loss of a Dear Uncle

One week ago, I grieved after my uncle’s funeral. Two weeks ago, my uncle died. Three weeks ago, I held his hand and whispered my love and goodbyes to him. It happens so quickly and in such a blur that … Continue reading

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Compassion Writing Stationary

For those of you who sponsor kids through Compassion, here are some great letter writing templates! I am always on the lookout for new ones, but I don’t like really busy ones. I like ones that allow me to actually … Continue reading

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Corporate Worship: Brown

Let’s talk about worship some more. Yesterday, we began with Bill Blankschaen’s article, Why I’m Still Struggling to Sing in Your Church. I shared my own thoughts regarding his concerns. Today, I’d like to write briefly about Jamie Brown’s article … Continue reading

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