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Avoiding Music

I’ve been avoiding music. I know what you’re thinking, but it’s true–I have been avoiding music. Not all music, and not total avoidance, but definitely enough to break my heart last night. Folks, I used to count the songs. I … Continue reading

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Relearning. Or, Duplets. Or, Watch Floyd, again.

As promised, here I am–back for a few moments, and ready to say something (though I’m still unsure what needs to be said) about Fall rehearsals and concerts. I’ve said it before, and it won’t hurt you to hear it … Continue reading

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The Quotable Floyd, part III

Well, friends, I’ve avoided¬†my blog for several weeks now; and would be content to keep avoiding it, were it not for the incredibly quotable Floyd. I simply cannot resist sharing this semester’s quotes from Choral Society. As always, I do … Continue reading

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Watch Floyd

Watch Floyd. Or…Look Up. Or…Fix Your Eyes. Or…”Then Let All the Living.” I can’t decide on an appropriate title for this blog. There are so many good choices. In just under two weeks time, the Marquette Choral Society will be … Continue reading

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The Quotable Floyd

The Quotable Floyd or…What I learned at Choral Society… or……Take a breath! ¬† I am a quote junky. It’s true. Words inspire me. I love to be surrounded by words and quotes and ideas–even when they aren’t serious in nature, … Continue reading

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Bob Moore

I don’t usually name names, but in this case I have to make an exception. The other day, Mom, Jer, and I were driving and an old favorite hymn came on the radio–When We All Get to Heaven. As I … Continue reading

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Ode to Joe Plantt

It’s Joe’s fault. Every so often, I play through my binder of songs, looking specifically for songs written in the same month of years past. I’m not sure why, but I enjoy it. It amazes me to think about where … Continue reading

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