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What’s on my heart

What’s on my heart? What’s on my heart. What’s on my heart. Hrm. So many things. Since it’s after midnight, I’ll try to keep it brief. Theology of Music. I really want to read this book by Jeremy Begbie. Really. … Continue reading

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Driving Without Headlights

It was 3am and I couldn’t sleep. Again. So I stepped out onto the back deck. I was amazed at how light it was. The moon had cast that pale light upon the world, as if to invite us to … Continue reading

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Long Lost

What are your long lost passions? A long lost friend (who shall remain nameless) asked me recently what my song lyrics are looking like lately. It shocked and embarrassed me. It shocked me because…nobody really asks me that anymore. Well, … Continue reading

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Insomnia Diary: The World & Desires

2:36 A.M. If you want something more out of life than the average American, it’s going to require more of you. It may mean greater sacrifice. It may mean more difficult decisions. It may mean incredible standards. It may mean … Continue reading

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