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Not Who You Are

Jennifer and I were on the second floor of a very familiar house. A man was holding us at gunpoint. Another man held a group of about fifty young adults (between the ages of, say, twelve and twenty-five) downstairs. Jennifer, … Continue reading

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What Is It You Seek?

One of my dreams last night led me to a garden island with a clear river dividing it north to south and a small pool at the very center. I knew the water couldn’t be very deep, but somehow I … Continue reading

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Not desires or pursuits, but dreams. Two nights ago, I dreamed an odd dream. It was me. All I could see of myself was my head, shoulders, and hair. I wasn’t smiling or frowning; my face was expressionless and calm. … Continue reading

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all that burns

All that burns is not on fire. Yesterday evening, I was sitting at the kitchen table. I was listening to an old Amy Grant Christmas cassette (yes, a cassette tape; remember those?), drinking tea, burning a candle, writing a letter … Continue reading

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I know that dreams are often our psyche’s way of addressing fears, hopes, issues that we haven’t dealt with in our waking life. What of nightmares? Do they betray our deepest fears? Several years ago, I went through a period … Continue reading

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