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Stupak Suddenly ‘Optimistic’?

Allow me to start with a word of praise. I like Bart Stupak. I see all of the nonsense in the news, and I fall on my face and thank God that Stupak is my Congressman. I’m not a Democrat, … Continue reading

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Health Care Reform

Let’s imagine for one second… You and your spouse plan a nice get-away for your anniversary, which happens to fall on the same weekend as a major high school sporting event. You made your reservation at a nice hotel, the … Continue reading

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Crazy, Religious, Anti-Choice Commercials

Okay…seriously? *Sigh.* I understand that the Focus on the Family commercial during last night’s Superbowl could be seen as a “political” commercial, and thus, may be inappropriate for the Superbowl. However…(and this is an enormous “however”)… I really take issue … Continue reading

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Job Hunt Peeves

So I have a few peeves about the job hunt that I’d like to share here just to get them out of my brain. Email rejections. They’re just so unprofessional. I suppose there’s a time and a place for these, … Continue reading

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Alcorn: Was Pat Robertson Right?

Several years ago, I read Randy Alcorn’s book about Heaven. I certainly didn’t agree with him entirely, but I was challenged to reconsider so many assumptions I’d held about eternity–and that was an invaluable tool. I’ve since used the book … Continue reading

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Pre-Coffee Thoughts

It’s morning, I think. My brain didn’t get the memo, but the sun is up, and so am I. Forgive my disjointedness. Maybe I’ll offer a more coherent blog once I’ve had my coffee. For the time-being, you’ll have to … Continue reading

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The Emotional God

Have you ever been called an “emotional” person? I have been. It always gives me pause when someone says that, because I have to think, “so, what? You don’t have emotions? Okay, super-human, un-feeling, freak-oid!” Of course, I would never … Continue reading

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