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What’s In A Name?

There was a time when this title would have spurred an intense theological discussion. Not today! Today I ask you…where have all the good names gone? I’ve been walking at the cemetery. I love walking among the grave markers, wondering … Continue reading

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Church & Needs, part IIb

Even though I believe we could discuss Emotional Needs exclusively on this blog and still not touch on every aspect of it, I’d like to add just a few more thoughts before moving on to some other topics of importance … Continue reading

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Church & Needs, part II

We’ve been talking about the necessity of church in the life of a Christian, and the needs of the individual. I don’t pretend to be a voice of authority on this issue; I am passionate about it, however, because I’ve … Continue reading

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Church & Needs, part I

Yesterday, as part of the discussion to Changing the Conversation about why some Christians don’t attend church, Rachel offered this question: do you think that maybe Christians “try” a different church, or simply seek out a different church, because their … Continue reading

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Change the Conversation, Ben

It’s time to change the conversation, Ben. This is my second attempt at posting a blog today that deals with the issue of what Ben calls “Rogue Christianity.” The first, I am sorry to say, was a little bit more … Continue reading

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The Vertical Self

The Vertical Self by Mark Sayers If you’re looking for a self-help, Dr. Phil approach to finding your untapped potential and personality, this book isn’t it. And truthfully, I can think of no higher praise to offer Mark Sayers. If … Continue reading

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Crazy, Religious, Anti-Choice Commercials

Okay…seriously? *Sigh.* I understand that the Focus on the Family commercial during last night’s Superbowl could be seen as a “political” commercial, and thus, may be inappropriate for the Superbowl. However…(and this is an enormous “however”)… I really take issue … Continue reading

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