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Collective Salvation

There’s been a lot of buzz around the internet about the idea of Collective Salvation–whether or not our President believes in it, whether it is a spiritual or political idea (or somehow both, perhaps), whether it is taught in Scripture, … Continue reading

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Glimpses of Destiny

I don’t really believe in personal destiny. I believe in making choices, and the Divine Providence who knew what choices I would make long before I came to be. Without getting into an enormous theological discussion about destiny, allow me … Continue reading

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Dear Ben & Guest Blogger Ben

I confess, I am disheartened. After reading that non-Reformed Christians focus more on self than anything, I felt it appropriate to share the foundation of my own faith–the words that I come back to time and again when trying to … Continue reading

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Entitlement & Fundraising

This morning, a young man knocked on my door asking for pop cans and bottles to raise money for his youth group trip. We don’t have any cans or bottles right now, but I asked about his youth group and … Continue reading

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BONUS POINTS: What’s Your Love Language?

Go HERE and select the option that best describes you; then come back here and post a comment, telling me what your Love Language is! 5,000 Bonus Points apiece.

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It happens seldom but it must be acknowledged. I will be speaking with someone, and I will be consumed with the feeling that she is waiting for me to affirm her value and purpose.  Maybe it is provoked by something … Continue reading

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Why Toilet Paper?

Jennifer asks the question on her blog. This is a story. She was thirteen years old, struggling as all girls do to make sense of her life and her own self. Her world was crumbling. Her grandfather–the only father figure … Continue reading

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