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Family Reunion

It’s hard to believe that the Schmitzer Family Reunion weekend is upon us. I am so excited. I am so exhausted. I am so simultaneously ready and not ready. What a beautiful paradox! Life has been insane this summer. If … Continue reading

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Painted My Face

Originally posted on christian spinster:
Hello, Friends! It’s been more than a year since I’ve visited you here at this blog, but I’ve thought of you often and hope to spend more time here in the coming months. As something…

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For the beauty of the…Blueberries!

So there I was… Let me back up. Several evenings ago, I saw Ms. Jan post a picture of some blueberries on f@cebook, and I thought I’d better check on my own berries before strangers wander onto the property and … Continue reading

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I usually have a title before I start blogging, but I cannot come up with anything tonight. All I can think of is “pax,” and somehow, that seems lame. Life has been full of melons of late (and now you … Continue reading

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Connecting the Darkness

After a long day of a long week, following a long month of this long journey I’ve been on in 2014, I found myself stumbling in the door way past my bedtime tonight. It feels almost sinful to lay here … Continue reading

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Being with people who make me laugh, who laugh at me, who laugh with me… It is such good therapy, folks. Left to my own tendencies, I take life much too seriously. I look for hidden things–always searching, always questioning, … Continue reading

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I don’t remember when we met– I’ve known Him forever, it seems. I don’t remember what I said to capture His gaze on me. I don’t remember why I needed Him in my life, but I remember His kiss. And … Continue reading

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