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The topic for this month is: Malaria.  Here are some facts and stats from the World Health Organization: 1. Malaria is a life-threatening disease caused by parasites that are transmitted to people through the bites of…

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Here I Am: Burkina Faso

Yes, here I am. I confess, I’ve been incredibly unfaithful to my blog as of late. I make no promise to be better. I promise only to reward you for coming back by sharing a beautiful song at the end … Continue reading

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Roberta and I met Friday morning for coffee. It was remarkably good fellowship, which is saying a lot. Roberta is always great company, but this was more. More than just catching up with someone I love. This was heart to … Continue reading

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Ten Things I Love About My Job

I thought it would be fun to stretch the topic into other areas of my life. :) It’s important for me, particularly after a day like today, to reflect on the things I truly love about my work. 1: There … Continue reading

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Ten Things I Love About Me

I want to tell you ten random things that should make you absolutely adore me. 1: I write the best ridiculous poetry. 2: I surround myself with characters, and I love them fiercely. 3: I desire resolution in every aspect … Continue reading

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My brain is running a thousand miles a minute. I have so much to contemplate! Like… 1: How, my friends??? How am I ever going to preserve the documents that’ve been handed to me? 2: How am I going to … Continue reading

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Family Reunion

It’s hard to believe that the Schmitzer Family Reunion weekend is upon us. I am so excited. I am so exhausted. I am so simultaneously ready and not ready. What a beautiful paradox! Life has been insane this summer. If … Continue reading

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