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The Christian Princess Culture & Books Every Christian Woman Should Read

The Christian Princess Culture*  & Books Every Christian Woman Should Read It’s sad, but I feel obligated to begin this post with a few disclaimers: Yes, Men and Women are different. Sometimes we struggle with different things; Yes, a Daughter … Continue reading

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Light A Candle

Those of you who follow me on the Facebook know that I encouraged my friends and family to light a candle this weekend in prayer for Christians in Egypt who have cancelled their Easter celebrations to mourn the lives lost … Continue reading

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Something More Sure

In my Bible reading, I always love coming back to Peter’s letters. They are not lengthy, and yet they are packed with words of wisdom, of love, of hope, of warning, of courage, and even a couple of mysteries. I … Continue reading

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Cling to Hope

The last two weeks have been gut-wrenching. It is difficult-and, I suppose, a bit against our inclination-to look for hope in moments of despair, and yet, those are precisely the moments when hope is so desperately needed. In my writing, … Continue reading

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Child Sponsorship in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Pray these words: “Jesus, open my heart.” Step 2: Click this link: Step 3: Click on the golden button of hope that says “Sponsor A Child Today.” That’s really all there is to it, friends. You’ll find a … Continue reading

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