Child Sponsorship in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Pray these words: “Jesus, open my heart.”

Step 2: Click this link:

Step 3: Click on the golden button of hope that says “Sponsor A Child Today.”

That’s really all there is to it, friends.

You’ll find a slew of search choices–birthday, age, gender, country. Some choose a child who has been waiting the longest (some have been waiting more than a year to be sponsored–that should break your heart). Some choose a child who lives in an AIDS-affected area. Some choose a child who lives in an area susceptible to exploitation. And then there are the less obvious ways to choose a child. The eyes?–yes, I’ve known sponsors who’ve chosen a child because of the look in their eyes or because they just “looked so precious.”I’ve even heard of people who do the “close your eyes and randomly drop your finger,” and the photo your finger lands on is the child you sponsor.

These are all valid ways to choose a specific child.

As for me? I couldn’t tell you why I chose my boys. I’ve been sponsoring Joseph for nine years now, and I don’t regret one moment of it. There was something at the time that captured my heart, and I’m so thankful–it has never let go. But the truth is that the longer I know Joseph, the more I realize that I didn’t choose him at all; God brought Joseph into my life. Sponsoring changes your life, to be sure, but…since sponsoring Moise, I’ve grown very aware that each sponsorship relationship is entirely unique. I could never have with Moise what I have with Joseph. I could never have with Joseph what I have with Moise. In each case, however, my life has been utterly changed, utterly challenged, and utterly edified in ways that are unique to the boys…in ways that I could not have chosen from a photo or a birthday or a country.

The important thing isn’t how or why you choose. The important thing is that you choose.

When we choose compassion and love for those in extreme poverty, we are speaking volumes. Sponsoring tells a child that he is important…that he is cherished…that he is not a mistake…that there is hope and a future for him…that he can be free to dream and to learn and to grow…that he need not fear starvation or malaria or the spread of AIDS or the weather…that he belongs. And if you’ve ever read anything I’ve written, you know that belonging is a theme I find particularly important. We all need to belong. Children living in poverty are certainly not the exception.

Make the choice today. Chances are…you really can afford it. And if, when you really get to the core of it, your answer is that you just honestly cannot afford $38 a month, then consider going together on a sponsorship with a friend…with family…with a Bible study group…with your knitting circle…with your fantasy league…with your co-workers…with your youth group…with the houses on your street…with your top ten f@cebook friends… with your church choir…with your pen-pal…with your barber…with your barista…with the parents of your kid’s soccer team…

I promise…you will not regret it.

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One Response to Child Sponsorship in 3 Easy Steps

  1. david wade says:

    Already there, Sarah, And we love it… 

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