An invitation to Let Go

Every November, I begin evaluating my silly little existence and asking myself to make resolutions for the coming New Year. How can I change to be happier? Healthier? Wiser? Kinder? It is important to look at life this way, to take stock of where you are, where you’re headed, where you want to be. We are beings of constant change out of constant choice.

Will I get on the treadmill this morning? It seems a simple decision, but each day that choice is chipping away at an idea and revealing what’s really burning in my heart. And what of tomorrow? I am a firm believer in the momentum of choice. If I get on the treadmill today, I will be more inclined to get on the treadmill tomorrow. And the day after? The day after that? Etc? Each day carries with it the conviction of the previous choice, making it ever easier to make the same choice as the day before. So today, whether I get on the treadmill or not, it will be that much easier to make the same decision tomorrow.

But in the midst of such critique of your life, it can be easy (too easy, perhaps) to focus on things that we lack. I lack the self discipline to get on the treadmill each morning. I lack the silence I need to write. I lack the money to travel.

The real question isn’t what I’m lacking; rather, what is unnecessarily taking up my time and energy? And more importantly, why am I allowing these things (situations, relationships, emotions, fears, et cet) to monopolize so much of my existence? Is that really what I’m here for? Is that why God gave me life?

Not all of it is bad, friends. Some of it has simply outlived its usefulness. Maybe…just maybe…I need to let go of some of it in order to welcome whatever God has for me in 2015.

My friends, my family, random strangers: I encourage you to join me on this endeavor. Consider the things that you’ve been carrying in 2014 that have left you dissatisfied or unchanged. Life was never intended to be static. Join me, if you will, in trading your typical, easy-to-forget New Year’s Resolutions for one or two things that simply need to go. Then, together, we will do what is necessary for life and growth.

We will Let Go.


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