One Week


Here’s a preview of next week’s big event. I can’t wait!!

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3 Responses to One Week

  1. cynthia schmitzer says:

    As I eagerly await my visit to Michigan in one week, I have so many things on my mind!
    I’m so very excited to visit my family, whom some I have never met, I am also sadden that I will be saying good-bye to the one person whom never let me down, my father Wayne H. Schmitzer. I feel so blessed that the people I love and cherish the most in the world will be there to honor my daddy. I have a lot of thank you that I will be glad to say in person! My only wish is that my beautiful children could have been here with me .I have a lot to say and a lot of people I cant wait to see! So good bye for now, See you in one week!!!!!

    • semmie says:

      Miss Cindy, we are going to take so many photographs, your kids will FEEL like they were there! I know this trip will be bittersweet for you–with joys and sorrows unspeakable, and I am just so thankful that we can share in those joys and sorrows with you. Don’t forget your journal. Don’t forget your carry-on bag. Don’t forget we all love you so much, and prepare yourself for a whole lot of hugging! I love you, Lady! I love you so much!

      • cynthia schmitzer says:

        May I just start by saying, I’m feeling so many different emotions right now! You are right this trip will be bitter sweet for me, but I also must say, that I am so very blessed with the out pouring of support and love that it has just over whelmed me. I always say that my family is the best. I really mean that. My cousins rock!!!!!! This is just one of many reunions that we as a family will share, that is a promise I made my daddy! Sarah, I love you lots and cant wait for Sunday !

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