Schmitzer Family Reunion

In fourteen days, I will be in Frankenmuth, eagerly awaiting the arrival of my dear cousin, Cindy-Loo-Hoo.

It began last year. When Cindy’s father, my dear Uncle Wayne, passed away in September, Cindy began planning to honor his wishes and bring him home to Michigan and to celebrate his life with the family here. As we began talking and preparing for the event, as Cindy’s travel plans began to solidify, it seemed the only logical thing to do was to take advantage of the opportunity and have a good old-fashioned Family Reunion. After all, if Cindy — whom I have never met in my 30-some years of life — was going to make the trip all the way to Michigan from Florida, we had better make it worth her while and gather as much of the family as humanly possible.

In some regards, the past ten months have been a blur. The brainstorming, the planning, has taken more time and attention than I expected. In my mind, it was just yesterday that we decided to really open up the reunion and send invitations to cousins outside of the immediate clan. It was just yesterday that Cindy told me she just wanted to make it through the holidays and get to the summer, so she could hug all of her family. It was just yesterday. And now suddenly–we are fourteen days from Cindy’s arrival; fifteen from the Reunion.

Am I excited?

I am feeling overwhelmed at the moment. There is still so much to plan, to think about, to prepare (not to mention the food). And in the midst of all of it, there are personal things happening that are vying for my attention. I just want to enjoy this Reunion. The Schmitzer heritage is such an enormous part of who I am, and the family history I can glean from a gathering like this is going to be heavier than a February blizzard. I have to be prepared and be smart about recording information.

In spite of all the time and thought already invested, I feel very, very unprepared.

Still, I know that once we get on the road, I am going to be overloaded with excitement. Until then, I just need to keep focused and keep working through the wrinkles…

Pax Christi.

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4 Responses to Schmitzer Family Reunion

  1. cynthia schmitzer says:

    Here I am again just to say, Sarah this is written so beautifully! Im anticipating the day when I hopefully will see what I consider the most amazing family on the planet!
    Sarah you once again with your written words brought me to tears! Ilove you and cant wait to see you! love to you sweet Sarah!

  2. Dave Wade says:

    There is something biologically innate about close relatives, Sarah. You have felt it before, no doubt, but the larger the gathering, the stronger the compatibility compulsion. First, and even second cousins, find common ground they never expected – all of which brings great joy. I pray all will be well for this occasion – enjoy…

  3. Steve Ward says:

    Hi Sarah,

    We just had our yearly Golden Family Reunion this past Sunday. It went quite well. I figure once you have gathered everybody’s information, all subsequent reunions should be easier to organize. If possible, try to set a tentative date now (when everybody s there) for the next one. It will help with everyone’s planning.



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