Is it almost Christmastime?

A lot is going on in the world, and my life follows suit.

What I’m praying for those in Colorado…

That those who’ve been wounded physically and emotionally would know the peace of Christ. That those who know the peace of Christ would offer support to those hurting. That Christ would be, in all things, revealed as the coming King, our “God with us.”

What I’m praying for those in Burkina Faso…

That God would bring a good harvest. That those around the world with excess would be impressed to give freely and happily to help soften the devastation of the food crisis in the Sahel. That my little boys, though south of the affected region, would be salt and light to those they encounter, showing the love of Christ wherever they go.

What I’m thinking about…

My new job is going well. The garden (minus the spuds) seems to be growing well–but I still haven’t given up hope on the taters. I’ve been following this discussion about worship music. I’m very intrigued by it. I may write a post this week about my own thoughts. And oh yes, the doll and doll clothes were a hit with my niece. 🙂

On books…

I am reading Resounding Truth, which is proving a bit more difficult than I expected–not because it is difficult, so much as it is not what I anticipated. Begbie is brilliant, but very academic. I am neither. Still, I am working through it. I’m also reading Pride & Prejudice. Again. Yes. There is no book her equal. Austen is still the best observer of human character that I’ve ever read. And I just finished reading The Narnia Code, which I’ve been wanting to read for some time. I hope to write something of a review on it.

I will mention that I didn’t purchase a hard copy of The Narnia Code. I downloaded it and read it on my phone. It was sort of a trial. I’ve been considering buying a Nook or Kindle because of the outrageous amount of space books take up in my life. However, though I loved the convenience of being able to read wherever I was (even in bed, without the lights on), I must confess the experience left me more certain than ever that I am still a hard copy sort of girl. Call me crazy, but I love the familiarity of being able to touch and smell the pages of a book, to know exactly where in the book a certain sentence was that I particularly liked. I know there’s a shift in society, and hard copies are becoming obsolete (if not an oddity), but I just can’t follow suit. I can’t do it. I want my books. I need my books.

Speaking of the weirdness of smelling and touching paper…

Here’s a bizarre story. I as at the dollar store this weekend, looking for something specific. As always, I found myself in the office supply aisle (every once in awhile, I find a random treasure there). There were people milling in and out of the aisle, including a boy (maybe eight or nine years old) and his mother. Of all the people in the store, the boy walked up to me (to me) and said, “I have a question.” I smiled, not sure that he was talking to me, and said, “Yes?” He said, “Do you know where I can buy liquid ink?”

Liquid ink? I asked him to clarify (most ink is liquid). He said he was looking for ink that you would use in a pen. I suspected that he meant a bottle of ink, but I pressed him further. What was he going to use it for? A pen, he said; he wanted to make a pen out of a feather.


Now, what are the chances? Probably no one else in the store at that time has any idea about writing with a feather. It was such an unexpected interaction, and I can’t explain why, but it did my heart good. Maybe it was the thought that somehow, this culture we live in is still raising up at least one young person who loves paper and ink.

And is it Christmastime yet?…

I confess, my heart is more and more yearning for Christmas. I can’t explain it. But…here’s a Christmas song for those of you who are hoping for Christmas, too.

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