What I learned today.

What I learned today…just in case anyone wants to know… 🙂

  • Eight hours really goes quickly when you’re busy.
  • It’s so nice to stay busy!
  • The “s” is silent.
  • The schedule is on a template, which can be overridden.
  • I need to buy some good (Asics, anyone?) shoes.
  • The traffic isn’t bad on the way into town in the morning, but it’s pretty backed up when I leave at 5.
  • The mug with the bunny is JGs. It’s the most important thing I learned today.

It’s a little bit hard to start a new job, especially for someone like me who is terrible with names and faces. I won’t pretend I’m not still feeling overwhelmed (I think I’ll feel overwhelmed for awhile…there’s a lot to learn). I do feel pretty good about the day, though, and the job. I have a lot to learn, so y’all may have to remind me not to take myself so seriously and be teachable. 🙂

Thanks for the prayers and well wishes, everyone!

Semmie (or…”emmie,” now that the “s” is silent.)

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