What’s on my heart: July 08

Soooooo. Long week, yo. Just a few things worth mentioning to my faithful blog readers.

  • Still no potatoes. Issokay. I have faith. And…Irish ancestry (thanks for the reminder, Steve). 🙂
  • My strawberries are growing. I ate the first one today. It may’ve been a touch underripe (which just goes to prove my impatience), but it was still good!
  • There are crows picking at my beans and raspberries. I’m not happy about it. :/ I’ve heard that jalapenos make a good spray…it’s not harmful, but they don’t like it. I’ve gotta try something; they’re driving me bonkers!
  • Friday was my last day at Fountain Bismarck. I thought it would be more emotional than it was, but honestly, I was ready. I am very much at peace about my decision.
  • I am anxious about starting my new job, but not nervous. Just anxious to get in there and get going. If you think of it, say a prayer for me tomorrow!
  • I treated myself to two new outfits this weekend. I went to the mall on Saturday–which I haven’t done in, oh, ages–and shopped. All alone. It was wonderful. 🙂
  • I attended a lecture at the public library on Saturday afternoon. The speaker was Dr. Russell Magnaghi from the local university, and the topic was Oral Histories. It was such an interesting lecture, and I learned so much! It really inspired me to incorporate Oral Histories into my family history.
  • I sponsored a second child through Compassion International. Details to follow.
  • I did something remarkably forward the other day. Something remarkably “me.” I haven’t done something like this in years. It is, so far, a rewarding feeling. We’ll see what becomes of it.

That’s all I’ve got for tonight. Blessings to all in the coming week.

Pax Christi.


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2 Responses to What’s on my heart: July 08

  1. iceangel16 says:

    You will be in my thoughts all day. I know that you are going to rock the new job and you will fit right in. *hugs* You rock Gurl!!!!

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