Chasing God’s Promise

I’m sure there’s a science to rainbows. I’m sure there are those who can predict the best rainbow viewing, who can explain why they arc, who understand the phenomenon of the double rainbow. But me? I’m just a fan. Still, even I know that there are favorable rainbow conditions.

Of course, to me, it is still magic. To me, it’s still God’s proclamation, His promise not to destroy mankind. Not to destroy me.

So once in awhile, when it’s late in the evening and the rain is showering down upon the earth like a soft blanket, and there’s a break in the clouds–they pull apart and sunlight spills through the dark–I chase rainbows. I drive until I find one.

I’ve become fairly good at finding them. And when I do, I stop the truck and, unless it’s raining very hard (and sometimes, even then), I get out and find a great view of God’s promise. And I soak it up.

All of it.

I can’t tell you why, but I’ve needed rainbows lately. The beautiful Upper Peninsula has needed the rain, but Sarah has needed the rainbows. And sure enough, God has given them to me.

Yesterday, I saw just the faintest trace of a rainbow. And I chased it. When I arrived, when I pulled over and got out of the truck, I was blessed with the biggest, most brilliant, most full rainbow I’ve seen in my life. It stretched from the ore dock to some fog or cloud that was settling on the water, and it covered half the world it seemed.

As I was reflecting on the grandeur of the rainbow, I was overwhelmed with the sense of God’s presence and His promise, and the reminder: Sometimes you have to chase those faintest glimpses of hope. Sometimes they fade away before you see them fully; but sometimes, friends…sometimes they are breathtaking rainbows waiting to be found.

Do you have any promises from God that you are chasing? Any rainbows, or glimpses of rainbows, that you are pursuing?


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