What I’m Learning

What I’m learning about myself:

  • I don’t like spinach. Seriously.
  • I don’t get angry often, but when I do, I get really angry.
  • I care about people, even when they suck (which, I think, may be why I get really angry when I get angry).
  • I neglect my journals.
  • Piano and song is still the best therapy.
  • I feel a sense of purpose when I sing in a choir.
  • I geeky-love it when our Linguist tells us how to pronounce words like “erring.”
  • I am lonely without my dog.
  • I can’t flirt.
  • I’m still mesmerized by meteors and planets and ore boats and trees.
  • I can grow dill. And beets. And marjoram. But not lavender.
  • I have so much to learn.
  • I am so blessed.
  • I can Zumba.
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2 Responses to What I’m Learning

  1. Steve says:


    I’m so glad that you’re back! You were very-much missed, too! So, why don’t you like spinach, and don’t grow lavender?

    And Yes, you are so blessed!



    • semmie says:

      Hi Steve!

      I don’t know why I don’t like spinach. I just don’t. As for the lavender, I actually just spoke to someone I know who is something of a floral buff…and he totally schooled me on lavender. I’m going to give it another try!


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