The best thing about Christmas is…

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The best thing about Christmas is…


The best thing about Christmas is the gifts. I’m not even joking.

I told you two weeks ago that the best gifts are those we give, and in a world where we are less and less connected with each other, where we trust so few of the people around us, where families and friendships are broken over silly trifles, perhaps the greatest gift you can give someone is yourself, your love.

It doesn’t always evidence as a big gesture—you don’t have to change the whole world all of the time (though I admire the spirit that wants to). Sometimes it breaks through a cloudy day with just a smile and an arm around another. Sometimes it is listening to someone dream. Sometimes it is a cup of coffee well past your bedtime that allows you to share your heart with another. Sometimes it is a game of Scrabble, decorating Christmas cookies together, watching the John Wayne marathon, tossing a football around in the yard, unwrapping four bags of Rolo’s together to make pretzel turtles, or shopping for yarn. The point isn’t necessarily what we do, but that whatever we do—we do it with others. When you give someone your time and attention, you give them yourself, the greatest gift you have.

Those really are the best things about Christmas—the memories we create by spending time together. This Christmas has been such a blessing for me. Though my heart has been heavy with those missing from our gathering (Steven’s family, Rodger, even Sanka), my heart has been birthed with new hope. We have each other. We belong together. God gave us the gift of this family—however difficult it may be to unwrap at times.

As always, kids…keep writing. Keep remembering. Keep living. And keep giving.

All my love,

Aunt Sarah

One thought on “The best thing about Christmas is…

  1. Well Sarah – it’s been a long conversation for us. Your frankness here has brought me to the place where I almost consider you a family member.

    While ” God gave us the gift of this family,…” my 72 years force me to examine my remaining days (I am in excellent health) with an eye to our promised destination, The Heavenly Kingdom. Christmas, like Easter, is celebrated every day in my life because my Savior – God incarnate – gave us an eternal gift – Himself. All the living folks I love most are going to expire either before or after myself. I appreciate, serve and love them all but He and His commands occupy the a good portion of my waking hours. The Bible calls this place temporal or temporary, “ for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal”

    I know we’re on the same page here, Sarah. Family fellowship is important to us both. It presents us with the opportunity to share His Love and Wisdom while He tarries, but we don’t have forever

    I cannot waste one hour as I am aware of the potential shortness of time – perhaps for all of humanity.

    P.S. If these descending black specks were blue this might look like rain – now is seems as if are downwind from Chernobyl !

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