My grandparents’ home is…

Sunday, October 9, 2011

My grandparents’ home is…

Since I’ve already written once about Grandma Schmitzer’s house, and I don’t remember Grandma Helen and Grandpa Earl’s farmhouse, I think I will follow the advice I gave you at the beginning of this project and “ignore the prompt.” Are you ready?

You cannot control life.

You cannot make the sun shine or the rain fall. You cannot make others treat you well or respect you. You cannot make everyone agree with you at all times. You cannot dictate even your own existence. You cannot determine that no one will ever rob you or cheat you or lie to you. You cannot make your boss give you a promotion, and you cannot make your teacher give you an A. You cannot control life.

Do you feel a little bit sad? Or a little bit relieved? Yeah—me, too! Too often, I want to control every little thing that happens in my life. It’s just not possible. We were not created to have authority over every detail of life.

We were created, however, with a will, with a conscience, with a mind and heart to weigh matters and determine our own courses in life. What am I saying? Well, you cannot make the sun shine, but you can be thankful when it does. You cannot choose whether or not you’ll be hurt (you will be—that’s just life), but you can forgive and not allow hurt to keep you from loving others. You cannot make your teacher give you an A, but you can follow instructions and submit your very best work.

See, life isn’t so much about the things that happen to you. It’s more about how you respond to the things that happen. That, my kidlets, is something you can control.

And your journal entries—you control those, too! Keep writing! We’re almost to the end of the year!

All my love,

Aunt Sarah

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