I didn’t realize my family had grown until…

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I didn’t realize my family had grown until…

No joke.

Do you remember Joel and Erin’s wedding? Most of you were there. We had gathered at Little Presque for a beautiful ceremony of daisies and a driftwood arch. Each one of us was given odd tasks to help make the day a success. And afterwards, we all crowded around the bride and the groom and the trees for a family photo.

That was the moment for me. I was overwhelmed with how many bodies there were. I remember watching Kim (the photographer) arrange us, turning us this way and that, having one of us step forward and another step back, and thinking: “there’s no way she is going to fit us all in this photo. There’s just no way.”

Until that moment, I just hadn’t realized there were so many of us. In my mind, we were still a small (for having seven kids), close-knit family. Having all of us together that day, posed and smiling for the camera, I saw that we’ve grown in other ways, too. We have such a variety of personalities in our family. We were no longer just those whacko kids of Heidi’s. Suddenly, we were mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles; cousins, siblings, friends, and grandparents. Suddenly, we had a whole conglomeration of gifts and purposes, each unique in its own respect. Suddenly, we were no longer that broken family; we were that family full of love, full of hope, full of future.

We’ve grown so much. You’ve grown so much. Keep growing. No matter what life brings you, or me, or us—there will always be room in the photo for more.


All my love,

Aunt Sarah

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