One of my favorite hobbies is…

Sunday, June 12, 2011

One of my favorite hobbies is…

Today at work, I met a man that used to go to church with me. I never knew him very well, even when we knew each other. I haven’t spoken to him in years. I had to think about whether I even remembered his name (I did). But when I saw him today, the first words out of his mouth were an inquiry: was I still playing piano? I was, he reminded me, a “wonderful pianist.”

It surprised me. I have always loved my piano. I have always been passionate about music. But I have never thought of myself as “wonderful” or as a “pianist.” Even when I was young and taking lessons, I didn’t want to be taking lessons—I just wanted to play for the love of playing. There was something about the piano that resonated deep inside of my heart and whispered truths to me, like, “Jesus loves me,” and “Great is Thy faithfulness, Oh God, my Father.”  I thought I didn’t need the technical aspect as long as I had the passion.

And for what I wanted to do, it was enough! I learned to play chords. I could read a little bit of music, anyway. I watched other pianists and tried any new thing I could find. But not learning, not taking lessons in piano is still the one thing I really regret in my life thus far. There is so much more I want to accomplish in my life. It seems that the older I grow, the greater my dreams in regards to music. I don’t dream of performing anymore, or being the greatest; I dream of pursuing music, the theology of music, the healing of music. Those things would be so much easier if I’d learned piano when I was young.

And yet…piano is still my favorite hobby. There is nothing I love more than turning off the television, the computer, the cell phone, lighting a candle, and playing my piano. There is nothing that gives me greater joy (except, of course, spending time with my beautiful, talented, funny nieces and nephews!) than playing all alone, without audience, without expectation, without hindrance.

In fact, I think I need to go play. Right now!

All my love,

Aunt Sarah

3 thoughts on “One of my favorite hobbies is…

  1. Hey, Sem…….

    I took violin and piano as a youth – a seriously undisciplined one – and gave both up as a result. At 71 today, I would give most anything to be able to rattle off a simple Chopin Nocturne for my own “amazement” but all coordination is lost with a brain episode (including total hearing loss in one ear) 10 years ago. Listening to Ashkenazy or Feltzman ecstatically perform all the Chopin repertoire is a thrilling treat, even today. It is better to listen and appreciate than to not participate at all – God is really good……………….


  2. “…..I have never played any Chopin.” Try listening to his Nocturnes while finding a lovely God created location that expresses His love for you – the urge to participate on piano may surprise you Sem. Chopin’s God given gift did not persuade him to live a Godly life, however. Perhaps His mercy may allow me to converse with Fredrick in heaven. He died at 39 years of age at last saying something that brings me comfort. From wikipedia – ” A couple of times during those last two days, they thought that the end had come, but the composer was able to catch his breath again. He asked Delfina Potocka to play his sonatas and prayed and called out to God, though only a few days earlier he had refused confession, saying that he did not believe in it.”

    Just listen to Chopin’s brillance………


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