I am especially good at…

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I am especially good at…

I’m not sure that I’m “especially” good at anything. I know that you all are—each one of you has unique strengths and gifts that no one else in this world possesses.

Now don’t get proud. It doesn’t make you “the best.” It doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard to accomplish other things. It doesn’t mean you can look down upon those who struggle to do what comes naturally to you. It just means that you have a combination of gifts that no one else has. It’s like having the secret recipe with all the flavors in Dr. Pepper. No one else has it. You are, each one, unique.

I think that’s what I’m especially good at—seeing the strengths of others, seeing their gifts, seeing their potential. I figure that God has given me this gift so I can encourage and edify others, but I confess—I’m not very good at that!

Yet. I’m not very good at that yet. It’s important to recognize our strengths not merely as a special talent we’ve been given, but as a challenge to grow and do something with it. Great skills are worthy of great challenges.

As you learn about your gifts, your strengths, your talents, it is my deepest prayer that you will never be satisfied with what comes easily to you. May you struggle against your own self, against society, and against the small boxes that tell you what your gifts must look like. May I struggle, also!

And if, for some reason, you are unsure of your strengths and talents, I hope you’ll ask someone—your mom, your dad, your aunts and uncles, your grandparents, your teachers, your friends, God. Find out those things you are good at, and learn how to become better at them!

That’s what I’m doing! Or…trying to!

All my love,

Aunt Sarah

5 thoughts on “I am especially good at…

  1. But you’re good at LOTS of things. Giving people ego boosts, finding the rights words to say for any given occassion, being a supportive and caring person, making chocolate covered pretzels…

    • Hmmmm. Was that a hint? I’d be happy to dip pretzels for you, ANY time, Sara! And thank you…I try to be caring and supportive (and to find the right words), but a lot of times, I stink at it! Hehe. I miss you! I hope you’re well!

  2. Ok, add taking hints to the list of things you’re good at. Hahaha…I am doing quite well. Hope things are going just as good, if not better for you as well.

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