To me, Easter means…

Sunday, April 24, 2011

To me, Easter means…

I told you once before that I have a lot of favorite quotes; here is one of them, from a book called Soul Cravings, by Erwin Raphael McManus:

                   Home is ultimately not about a place to live but about the people with whom you are most fully alive. Home is about love, relationship, community, and belonging, and we are all searching for home.

The whole story of Easter and Christianity is that we belong. We are taken in and made part of a royal family. We belong to a Redeemer. We are children of God. We belong in His Kingdom. We are heirs of that Kingdom. That is so cool for so many reasons. It allows us to be fully who we are—whether we are intellectual or hospitable or artistic or mathematical or humorous or talkative. Whatever we are, there is a place for us in God’s family, just like there is a place for every color of the rainbow. But it also gives us hope and courage to grow and become everything we are created to be.

I saw this in our home just as much as I saw it in our church. I was always amazed that our mother could love seven kids who were so drastically different from each other. Of course we share similarities (like music and a way with words—you’d be surprised how gifted your aunts and uncles [and I’d wager, your cousins and siblings, as well] are), but each of us has a unique and irreplaceable spot in the family.

That’s what Easter is about to me. It’s about belonging and celebrating those things that make us family—whether it is marriage, birth, common goals, or just plain old love.

And…it’s about these brilliant punch-ball thingies that I always found in my basket Easter morning. Enjoy!

All my love,

Aunt Sarah

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