The first sign of Spring is…

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The first sign of Spring is…

Spring brings many changes. Some of my favorite signs of Spring are:

  • the honking of the Canadian Geese as they return to breed for the warmer months;
  • the first Great Lakes Freighter out on Superior’s horizon;
  • the subtle change from 10 and 20 degrees to 30 and 40 (it makes a BIG difference!);
  • Robins—every last one of them, even though I never count as many as Joel;
  • that great first thunderstorm that washes away the leftover dirt of Winter;
  • allergies, allergies, allergies, sinus infection, antibiotic;
  • the dead, brown grass, just waiting to spring to life again;
  • the red “OPEN” sign at Frosty Treats on Third Street;
  • the smell of newness and life (and dirt) in the air;
  • the opening of the Presque Isle Park;
  • the new buds on the trees;
  • the hibiscus that is growing inside by Momma’s tender care;
  • the cats sniffing at the door, waiting for it to open so they can mosey out onto the back deck and then scurry back inside when they think I’m going to leave them out;
  • Girl Scout cookies;
  • waking up to daylight;
  • the Garden Centers around town opening up;
  • the April Lyrids;
  • the realization that (once again) it’s time to clean the garage;
  • the realization that (once again) I have failed to get all of my Christmas gifts out to my family;
  • and, of course, Opening Day of Tiger baseball at Comerica Park.

All my love,

Aunt Sarah

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