Life Wasn’t Easy When…

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Life wasn’t easy when…

Life wasn’t easy when…Hmm.

Life wasn’t easy when…When my older brothers played football with my Ellie Elephant? When we were really poor? When my Grandparents died? When my sisters and brothers left the area? When I had to take Trigonometry in high school? When I couldn’t find a job? When I didn’t know how to play the piano? When I couldn’t understand my Asian professor in my Minority Groups class at college? When I reread the first draft of my novel and realized it would require rethinking, replotting, and rewriting basically the whole thing? When I backed the Ford Escort out of the driveway and got stuck on a drift of snow? When the Detroit Tigers lost 119 games in one season? When I fell down the basement stairs and broke my collar bone?

You know something? Life isn’t easy. It’s not supposed to be. But let me tell you a secret: If life were easy, it wouldn’t be satisfying at all. Admit it: We all like a good challenge. I know that Super Mario 3 is a little bit before your time, but when we were kids, we would play it over and over trying to beat our best time. Some of us are still trying to beat our high score on Tetris.

You have to decide what is worth your effort. Maybe that’s family. Maybe it’s friends. Maybe it’s school. Maybe it’s different for all of us. But whatever you decide to do in your life, expect it to be difficult. Expect it to frustrate you. Expect a few sleepless nights, a few tears, a few heartaches, a few headaches, a few temptations, a few failures, and a few strange looks from those who wonder why you don’t just give up already. Expect enormous mountains, but also expect an incredible view once you conquer them. Expect to feel a sense of pride, of peace, and of accomplishment.

No, life is not easy. But find the things that are important to you, and pursue them with all of your strength. You may just surprise yourself.

All my love,

Aunt Sarah

6 thoughts on “Life Wasn’t Easy When…

    • I think it would have been the older two brothers…and maybe a cousin (Jeff?). But if you’d rather, I could change it to this:
      When my brother left me on a snowbank to fall down into traffic?

  1. “… life is not easy. But find the things that are important to you, and pursue them with all of your strength. You may just surprise yourself.” – your true reward is just around the last corner !

  2. life was hard when my friends tell me to bank it, which i did and then my car gets stuck in the snow drift. oh wait…that wasn’t hard that was easy and now really funny to think about. :)

    now driving in maryland with these drivers that don’t know how to drive in the snow is hard.

    it’s also hard being so far away from my family and friends, but my kids are worth it. i wouldn’t change a thing.

    • Oh man. SUPER good memory. Thanks for reminding me what fun we used to have! Thank God for Techies, eh?, who come to shovel us out of the snowbank? :)

      It’s hard having friends so far away (ahem–YOU!), but…I think the plus side is that it helps us to realize how much they mean to us. Sometimes when you’re too close to people for too long, you begin to take them for granted. You expect they’ll always be there, you’ll always have them–so you don’t invest the time and energy into the relationship that you should. Definitely having you and a few other people in my life so far away helps me to remember that some folks may not be near me forever, and I may have to invest a little bit more to maintain that friendship. I’m so glad FB allows me at least an easy manner of “keeping up” with some of y’all! Though I admit, I’m worse at keeping up on FB than I am at returning phone calls!

      Still…I love you dearly, and miss you bucketloads. But I am SO happy for you…and proud of you…and GLAD that you’re in a GOOD place (even if the drivers don’t know how to drive in snow). :)

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