How We Respond

My brain wouldn’t allow me to sleep last night. I spent several hours trying to make my way through a difficult maze in regards to mankind, how we respond, why we respond the way we do, etc. Truth be told, I’m not sure there was any benefit to the insomnia, because I still don’t have a clear understanding of the matter. I was (and still am) stuck around this idea: How is it two things that are in opposition to one another can elicit the same response from us?

Examples might include:

  • Tears can be a response to joy or sadness
  • Over-indulging (of any kind, i.e.: careless spending or over-eating) can be a result of having too much (too easily) or to having not enough
  • Jealousy can stem from love or from the lack of love
  • Intimacy might have its root in a secure, trusting relationship, or it may be a response (in desperation) to a longing for security

Am I the only person that finds this intriguing? How is it two opposing ideas can cause us to respond in such similar fashions? Any thoughts?

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