I Love

I love:

  • coming home to mail.
  • coming home to mail from extended family, especially.
  • stories.
  • staying awake until ungodly hours to plot.
  • telling someone (who shall remain nameless) that I’m butchering his incredible ideas, and reading his “butcher away!” reply.
  • the fresh, crisp smell of Winter–it’s on the air today, did you know that?
  • the crunching of snow beneath my feet.
  • 4Him’s Christmas album. Yes, still.
  • buying snowmen for my mom.
  • web forums that utilize a like/dislike feature on individual posts so I can let folks know I agree (or disagree) without saying anything (p.s. why don’t blogs have a feature like this??).
  • my church, my pastors, my faith.
  • weekends.

That’s it. Enjoy your weekend!

Pax Domini!

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2 Responses to I Love

  1. sisstor says:

    I love…..you!

    just thought I’d share that little tid bit so you wouldn’t forget!

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