Pray for Restoring Honor

I can’t tell you how disappointed I am that I cannot attend Glenn Beck’s 8/28 Restoring Honor rally. In fact, the inability to go has had me in a bit of a funk. There are very few events I’ve really wanted to participate in during my life thus far–I’m not a people person, you know? I like smaller gigs–coffee houses, local artists, remnants of something cultural. But I wanted to go to the Restoring Honor rally–the big, far away, buses overflowing Restoring Honor rally. And I can’t.

So I’ve been crying and feeling pitiful.

Until two days ago, when the revelation knocked me off my feet. Maybe I’m not supposed to be there. Maybe I’m supposed to be here, praying.

Let’s not get overly emotional or spiritual about this, okay?  There are those who don’t want this assembly to take place. There are those who would see it disrupted. There are those who would try to infiltrate and stir trouble. There are forces against this peaceful gathering–both physical and spiritual–and they would see this rally shut down. Can we see the incredible need for people who will be praying for the safety and protection of those in attendance?

Is that you? Can you join with me in keeping vigil for all those who’ll be joining Beck in D.C. this weekend? Or have you got something better to do?

Give me a holler on facebook, twitter, or comment on this blog if you can commit to praying with me this weekend. I’m beginning at 6pm tonight, and will pray through 6am Sunday. Give an hour…a day…or the entire weekend. But shout out. Let us know that you’re praying, too. And I sure would appreciate it if you’d spread the word. Let’s find as many folks as we can who’ll keep vigil for the safety of all who’ll be in D.C. this weekend.

God bless you and keep you!

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