What I Would Say

What could be more fun than finding old papers with poems and letters you had forgotten about? It helps me to remember the places I’ve been, the faces I’ve forgotten, the things I’ve struggled with, the victories. Anyway, this is a gem I unearthed in the dirt of my ramble papers.

A personal note about the writing process: it’s therapeutic. There are several forms or keywords that I fall back on to help me understand myself (and life) a little bit better. One is the “I Am” poem that I learned back in Mrs. Rulison’s class (how many do you think I’ve written over the years? Go ahead…guess. I’ll send a book to anyone who gets it right). Another is this “What I Would Say” poem. I’m not sure where or when it began, but I returned to it for several years. I’ve no idea where the other editions are, or where this falls in the chronology of the poems (though I seem to recall one having a refreshing reference to “deceiving vine swingers”), but I wanted to share it anyway because it made me laugh to recall so many oddball things.


What I Would Say…

…if I thought you would listen.


I think I’d tell you that my dog had a miscarriage.

I’d tell you that kids from dysfunctional families can turn out “OK” if someone will love them.

I’d tell you that as long as Believers expect nothing, they will see nothing.

I’d tell you that I love chocolate milano latte.

I’d tell you that I know Yahweh is faithful, even when it doesn’t feel like it.

I’d tell you that He is not racist or sexist.

I’d tell you where I stand on abortion and euthanasia–without apology.

I’d tell ya how I know the Scriptures are true, and invite you to ask me more.

I’d tell you about cows, and sweet-and-sour chicken from K’s, and toe socks, and Caedmon’s Call, and orange tea, and jello, and speedbumps, and the coffee song, and toilet paper.

I’d tell you why I’m not a Social Worker.

I’d tell you about the Prodigal Son.

I’d tell you why Coke is better than Pepsi.

I’d tell you the waddle joke. Ha! I’d tell you the egg joke!

I’d tell you, “I don’t really play.”

I’d offer you my shoes.

I’d tell you about the Priest Camp.

I’d tell you why the color purple should be declared sacred.

I’d tell you I’ve never been to Canada.

And I’d ask about you.


So…what would you say if you thought I would listen?

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6 Responses to What I Would Say

  1. Hannah says:

    I really liked this one. I am going to think on that, and then post my own. 🙂



    • semmie says:

      Hannah! *BIG SQUEEZES* I miss your face. Did you know that I woke up thinking about you and your boys (the boys and the hubby) last night?

      I look forward to reading what you have to say. 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    My dog had a miscarriage and it’s baby died. K’s and speedbumps. speedbumps remind me of jenny g. singing the coffee song on the way home…I’m in love with a coffee bean. ah the memories…. thank you for the smiles 🙂

  3. Hannah says:

    Did it! 🙂

    Did you pray for us? We were having a tough night last night. Woke up many times and felt a spiritual cloud of ICK! It was crazy.



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