Up & Coming

Well! Hello out there, blog world!

There is a lot happening. I have family coming to town this week, which I am super-excited about! Unfortunately, it means that I won’t have much blogging time (still).

In the meantime, I am working on the family history. It has been an incredible surprise, to be honest with you.  There are some fascinating stories in my family. There are a lot of holes, though, too. But I finally took the plunge; these people are my family, right? So of course they won’t mind talking with me and sharing stories about our history! It has been a lot of fun, writing letters and emails and having phone conversations and just digging into both sides of my family. I am hoping that I will be able to spend some time in the next months at family reunions and just visiting, but we’ll see! It depends on other things.

I’m also currently working on a beta read, which is fun, even though I haven’t had enough time to devote to it yet.

I haven’t been writing much, aside from journaling and lettering. I need to. I will. I promise. 🙂

And…I am two book reviews behind. I need to finish writing those and post them.

Be patient with me, folks…I promise I won’t be so lax forever.

Pax Christi.


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2 Responses to Up & Coming

  1. Georgeine says:

    Sarah you are awesome….I love reading your things. But got to confess, I have no clue what a beta read is, HELP!!!!
    I pray that you get all the holes filled in the family line. As long as I have been doing the genealogy I still have several holes to fill up. It is great when you fill one and can go onto the next. It is a big puzzle. I recall trying to find my great great grandfather on my dad’s side. I did find him in Canada in a family plot there, but all of his family (children and wife) were buried in MI. (They sure got around back in them days a lot), but the men went where the logging business took them. I found out he was a cooper (barrel maker).
    Then I also went searching for my mothers grandparents, because no one in the family (aunts, uncles and my mother) knew nothing of them, it was always said that grandpa never knew his parents as they were given up at a young age and there were all sorts of stories. Well through a lot of searching and hard work I found them with a photo, once I got the photo and showed it to aunts, mom and all, then they said we have that photo, but we did not know who they were. So it is always grand to find the missing links to our line. (You just got some more stories/information for our/your family line) of the older generation.
    I really need to dig out all the old photo’s I have and send you copies of them, and get what I have on the computer onto a flash for you. Remind me sometime to fill in the details of yesteryears history. I have copies of land deeds and military records and things of that nature and death certificates.

    • semmie says:

      Aunt George, I cannot tell you how exciting it is for me to read your emails and comments about the family history. I crave the stories–even the things we take for granted, like who we are named after (thank you for sharing that in your email!). I just can’t express my enthusiasm for this. I am so blessed to have a person or two on each side of my family with the same interest and the information and stories to share with me. You’re right about the holes. I think searching for someone in your past (or some information about them) can be like trying to find the right piece of sky in a puzzle of a beautiful sunset. It seems like it should be easy, but sometimes the piece you least expect is the one that fits. It is thrilling to uncover the past. It paints a picture of who we are, in part.

      Oh…a beta read…well, I am reading a novel of a writing friend of mine, start to finish. It’s not so much an editing read to fix spelling or grammar, as it is a second pair of eyes to make sure the plot makes sense, you didn’t accidentally name the same person two different things, things like that. It’s a fairly new concept for me, but I am finding that I really enjoy it and it helps me to be more aware of my own writing (which you may not notice in my blog, as everything I post here is entirely unedited).

      Your affectionate niece,

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