It Feels Like…

Autumn. Yes, it does. It is beautiful. The sun is warm, the air is cool, the leaves are rustling, and the lake is deep blue with white tips. What a beautiful day!

I’ve been digging into my family history for some time now, as some of you know. Where we come from is important to me. It speaks volumes about who we are and where we are going. It’s not just names and dates; it is a story of our becoming. I am truly fascinated by this. Surprisingly, the lines of the family I thought I would have trouble finding have not been too hard to locate, while those I thought would be simple have become more of a task. It is all worthwhile, and I am enjoying it.

Last night I was able to speak with my cousin, Amy. It was a lot of fun to just catch up (we hadn’t spoken in years, aside from recent facebook interaction), but I confess, I soaked up the stories and words she spoke about our family. Because my mom and dad moved us away from both sides of the family, there is so much I don’t know about both families. Some of it is hard to learn, but most of it just makes me really proud.

I remember when H-dawg found out that she was part of our family. It was such a neat experience, because every time I saw her, she was asking questions about the family. She would hear something, and say, “Oh! That would be where I get my dyslexia from!” It was so endearing, because it reaffirmed the biological connection we shared. That is sort of how I felt last night, hearing from Amy. I wanted to say, “Yep! That’s us!”

If you’ve known me for some time, or have followed my blog, you remember hearing about an opal ring in my mother’s jewelry box that I will inherit someday. It has been the prize story of my heart for years. It connects me to my grandmother, who was an October-baby, just like me. Last night, Amy mentioned a similar ring in her possession that had been passed from Grandma to our Aunt Kristi–who was Amy’s godmother. Actually, the rings aren’t just similar; they are a set, as momma told me last night. So what I’ve gathered so far, from Amy and mom, is that the rings are older than Grandma–they actually belonged to Grandpa’s (her husband) mother, but were passed to Grandma, and then, to Mom & Kristi, and…me and Amy, respectively. They are a wedding set.

How freaking cool is that? I mean, I don’t know what you know about opals, but these rings were genuine opals–not the created kind that you buy today.

Anyway, I am enjoying the search, even if it is frustrating at some moments. The stories and the revelations are more than worth those dead ends. 🙂

Do you know the history of your family? Do you have any heirlooms? How far back can you trace your ancestry?

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4 Responses to It Feels Like…

  1. Georgeine says:

    Now this is cool, to have a blog about your family history. I had no ideal you had this. Do you have other stories on this?
    I really would love to read what you have on the Moore side so far. There is a lot that I can help you with on grandma and grandpa’ sides both. I have so much stuff. I just have put it all away when uncle Gene got sick and then after he died it was one thing after another with my health issues and I have never really gotten back into it. But I loved doing genealogy and finding out our roots. Learning about past generations, it helps explaine many things of our make up and why we may do this or that, and you can see where it come from.
    How long have you had this blog going?
    I have one for my health to keep everyone posted and updated, but I have not been on it in months. I do the updates on FB now for the most part.
    Anyway, if you have certain questions please ask and I will help you all I can. I think it is importaant that we know our hertiage.
    Love You Sarah

    • semmie says:

      Hey Aunt George. 🙂

      I’ve had this blog for a little more than a year now. I think I’ve mentioned the family a few times, but I haven’t really shared any stories before this. I haven’t wanted to “publicize” too much; I want to respect the privacy of those in the family who may not be as interested in sharing these kinds of stories.

      I recently decided to take the plunge and acquire some genealogy software to keep all of the information organized. Wow! What a difference! Once I finish transitioning, I’m sure I’ll have some questions for you. 🙂

      Love you!

  2. Steve Ward says:

    I have been told that my Grandmother Ward traced her family back a ways. We are some relation to the Lloyds of London founders. There is also a reference to a Lord Pinkstaff (no joke) in Virginia. I’ve never seen the documentation on this. Her maiden name was Finley.

    On the Ward side, my Dad said something about horse thieves. I think he was joking. There was a Ward’s Livery Stable in Grafton, WV, so that may be the source of that.

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