Practice Gratitude

Gratitude seems more elusive the older I get. Ours is a society where we tend to feel entitled. Entitled to what, you ask? Oh, everything. We are entitled to be happy, to get married, to have a good job, to have access to the internet, to have the newest cell phone, to have the car we want, et cet, ad nauseam. It occurred to me today that the more I look at the ingratitude of the world around me, the less gratitude I exhibit.

So I am practicing gratitude. I am noting those who are making a difference in my life, and I am finding a way to thank them. But I am also thanking God for the moments He brings to me every day–the ore boats coming in and out of the island, the blueberries growing pink and plump on the hill behind the house, the books piled up and waiting for my attention, the sweet call of the song sparrows that nest in the yard. These are enormous blessings that make each day beautiful.

What about you? Who and what are you thankful for?

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2 Responses to Practice Gratitude

  1. Laura Best says:

    Thank you are two very simple words. Something that we should learn to say more often. WE all have things to be grateful for, but i think so often we tend to take those things for granted.

    A good reminder.

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