Letter to My Nieces on Mother’s Day

A Letter to My Nieces on Mother’s Day.

May 05, 2010

If Christmas isn’t just about the gifts…

And Easter isn’t just about the candy…

And Thanksgiving isn’t just about the turkey…

And Birthdays aren’t just about the cake…

Then it must also be true that Mother’s Day isn’t just about women who are mothers. I know, I know! What does an Aunt know of Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is about friendship and sisterhood, beauty and life. It is a day to celebrate the caring, nurturing spirit of women.  All around you–at home, at school, at the park, at the mall, everywhere you go–people are looking for love and friendship. More than any other moment in history that I’m aware of, people are desperate to find someone who believes they have purpose, who believes they are worth loving. Who can be better suited to nurture these deep soul longings of her friends and family than a young woman?

I know it can be hard. I know sometimes people act in a way that makes us want nothing to do with them. I know that it can be hard to nurture others when we feel unnurtured in areas of our own lives.

But rise to the challenge, Ladies. I have never known such caring, amiable, beautiful, intelligent young women as you. If there are any women who can change the world through love and nurturing, it is the five of you. You don’t have to make enormous sacrifices; you need only to reach out to others. I dare say you will find that people will flock to you. They will want that love and safety you offer.  So don’t be afraid. Live on purpose, and love others on purpose. Change the world by changing lives one at a time.

Each of you possess a unique set of gifts; each of you has been given dreams and pleasures; know that I believe in every one of you, and I will always be here–your Auntie–ready to encourage you and listen to you and challenge you to pursue the things on your heart. You are beautifully unique, and I could not love any of you more if you were my own daughters. But you must be there for each other, too. Your sisters, your cousins, your mothers, your grandmothers, your aunts (yes, even me!) need to be loved and accepted just as they are–strengths, weaknesses, and all.

So be gentle.

Be forgiving.

Be encouraging.

Be strong.

Be friendly.

Be kind.

Be respectful.

Be respectable.

Believe in others.

Believe in yourselves.

“Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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One Response to Letter to My Nieces on Mother’s Day

  1. Ray says:

    *HUGZ* Sarahmoo; Mother’s Day is for any Girl/Woman/Lady/Frau/Mademoiselle/Nanny/Mother/Aunt/Grandma/oranyproverbs31aspiringorclosetoit who has ever taken care of the young’uns….Hats off to ya!!

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