April 5

Today is the day! WOOHOO!!!!!!! Season opener, Detroit at Kansas City. GO TIGERS!

Confession: I am still really disappointed about losing Polanco, Granderson, and Robertson. Still, I admit that I’m growing accustomed to the idea of our new team, and I’m excited about the potential for this season.

In other news, we had a great Easter. We all drove up to Maggie & Tim’s on Saturday and spent the day with them. It was such a great time together. I only wish more of the family had been there. Ooh, Maggie sent me home with a big jar of arborio rice. I am so ready to make some risotto. I also made a knit sock monkey for Dan, which he named “monkey.” He loved it, but he asked me to make one that was brown, too. Heh. I hate knit sock monkeys, but I’ll do it for Dan!

My brother brought some old hymnals for me. I am pretty stoked about that! They are from the early 1900’s. I think the newest publication date was 1922. They are superbly cool. I want to take some photos of them, but…you know how I am with taking photos. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.

So that’s what’s going on with me. How about you all? Anything?

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6 Responses to April 5

  1. Ray says:

    At least the monkey’s name wasnt ‘Ray’. They hymnals sound awesome- of course any old historical stuff sounds awesome.
    Me? Work, work, work- the busy season is upon us; I leave home under a dark sky, and return under the same. They tell me I am making a lot of money; I see it as losing a lot of my life.
    Anywho, Hiya Sarahmoo.

    • semmie says:

      Hiya Inu. Thank God for your job…and remember…all that money you’re making now will make it possible for you to travel and do the things you want to do later. Did you have a nice Easter? Did you do anything special?

  2. Steve Ward says:

    I have a few hymnals from when my old church in Grafton was EUB (Evangelical United Brethren). The oldest one has many hymns dating back into the 19th Century, but I think the hymnal was most likely printed in the 20th.

    I also have some really old “Etude” magazines. Their articles are very interesting to read, and they also had written music in it- some of which appears to be missing. I guess those must have been “Keepers”.

    What is most interesting to me is that the articles are well written in English that requires you to be way “smarter than a fifth grader”. Today, language and writing have taken a nose-dive. When the number of “typos” become too numerous to count, (even in the most sophisticated magazines) it says something about our society, not to mention our educational system.

    • semmie says:

      Oh, Steve! You bless my heart. It’s amazing to me that our ability to write is so diminished. It’s sad, to be honest.

      I remember those old Etude magazines! My mom has several that belonged to her father. I always thought they were superbly cool.

      And I love old hymnals. 🙂 The 19th Century produced a lot of incredible hymns. Actually, that would be a neat project: to collect hymns by century! I’ve always wondered which songs would survive the rubble of our history and land in our descendants’ hymnals.

  3. Raptor says:

    I wasn’t able to finish reading this post due to throwing up after reading the first few lines.


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