Stupak Suddenly ‘Optimistic’?

Allow me to start with a word of praise. I like Bart Stupak. I see all of the nonsense in the news, and I fall on my face and thank God that Stupak is my Congressman. I’m not a Democrat, and I certainly disagree with Stupak on many issues; but my opinion of him is a positive one. He is the kind of Democrat I would keep voting for, to be honest. Maybe I’m naive that way.

But I’m unnerved about the news today that Stupak is ‘more optimistic’ about resolving the enormous “to fund or not to fund” abortion issue in this Health Care bill. Seriously? A week ago, the headlines were raving about Stupak “nixing” the bill. What has changed?

Really. I know the chances of Mr. Stupak stumbling upon my meager ramblings are slim, but I am far too skeptical of Washington and all therein (this includes you, Mr. Stupak) to believe that in the course of a couple of days, the issue he (and all of America) thought might prevent the passage of the Health Care bill is suddenly resolvable with a few handshakes and carefully chosen words. Honestly. What has changed?

Maybe I’m paranoid. But something about this isn’t sitting well with me. I need answers. I need answers because…maybe I’m paranoid and naive…but Stupak is my final straw. If I lose faith in him, there will be no one left in Washington that I can trust.

Anyone care to connect the dots for me?

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One Response to Stupak Suddenly ‘Optimistic’?

  1. Ray says:

    Hiya Sarahmoo….here is my attempt (just remember…I’m nuts)
    The Heart bone’s connected to the Hand bone, the Hand bones connected to the Butt bone, the Butt bone’s connected to the Wallet Chain……and thats how the changes get made.
    Seriously, I was a bit disappointed in this ‘change of HEART’, as I just cant see how the view on abortion could BE CHANGED so rapidly, but, then again, *I* havent been offered absurd amounts of money to ‘persuade’ me it is ok, after all.

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