Health Care Reform

Let’s imagine for one second…

You and your spouse plan a nice get-away for your anniversary, which happens to fall on the same weekend as a major high school sporting event. You made your reservation at a nice hotel, the hotel required you to make an advanced non-refundable deposit on the room, you were given a confirmation number, and you paid extra to have the staff order flowers and champagne to be in your room when you arrived. Yet, when you arrive, the staff tells you that the high school team needed an additional room. Because the hotel is booked solid, they gave the team your room. Oh, and sorry about that non-refundable deposit. Yeah, and there are no rooms at any other hotels because of this sporting event. Better luck next time!

It wouldn’t fly. First of all, a hotel doesn’t do that. If it did, it wouldn’t be competitive in the market. Not only would you give major grief to the General Manager of that hotel, and probably a corporate office, and demand your money back…but you would never choose that hotel (or possibly that chain of hotels) again! Further, you would tell your story to your friends, and they would probably not stay there either.

But somehow, health insurance is different. Somehow, we have allowed them to bully their way into our pocketbooks, and we don’t haven’t had the nerve to tell them off.

And now we want to depend on Washington to fix it for us.


If only Washington would write something into Health Care Reform about Americans growing a pair and finding a better answer.

You just…we wouldn’t act this way in any other market. Why do we act this way with Health Care?

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16 Responses to Health Care Reform

  1. nothingman says:

    youre right. why have healthy people running around. the u.s. is only 37 on the WHO international ranking after all. how dare the u.s. get any of that damned socialism in it. you know, like the top-ranking nations on the WHO list. after all. the u.s. hates socialism.

    well, the u.s. hates it so long as it isn’t social security, medicaid, states children’s health insurance programs, police, fire, emergency services, the postal service, roads and highways, the faa regulated air travel, the u.s. railway system, public subways and metro systems, public bus and lightrail systems, highway rest areas, bike paths, sidewalks, public water and sewer services, public and state universities & colleges, public primary and secondary schools, Sesame Street, student drug education and prevention programs, public museums, zoos, libraries, parks, public beaches, unemployment insurance, garbage collection & recycling programs, medical services and treatments derived from government grant money(pretty much all of it), products of government sector research going private sector(velcro, ducttape, TANG, the internet), foodstuffs grown, fed, or raised with money from government subsidies(chances are you shovel down some daily), and clothing made from crops grown with support of government subsidies(not wearing any cotton are you?).

    otherwise, we just hate that evil socialism. to put it short, laissez-faire is untenable. if you use anything mentioned above, then your argument against health care reform is hypocrisy. as it is, it is uneducated and a false dichotomy. for starters, it would put money in your pocketbook even if you refused the government’s options as the market gains an influx of customers into what would quickly grow to be its largest pool. that drives down costs across the board. even among those who, under current healthcare mismanagement, are left to be pariahs. try doing a bit of study before attempting to look ignorant next time. i say attempting to look ignorant because such gross ignorance can only be intentional. the ignorance mainly owing to the use of fallacious reasoning.

  2. semmie says:

    Welcome, Nothingman.

    I appreciate your remarks! You seem a bit tense. Would you like some tea?

    Again, welcome. I look forward to getting to know you. 🙂

  3. nothingman says:

    not tense, have tea, and is that a glider gun from conways life next to my name

  4. semmie says:

    In other words, you don’t have the testicular fortitude to say who you are?

    I don’t know what the avatar is. I didn’t choose it.

    • nothingman says:

      i can say who i am but you do not know who i am. i am zakk. i am taking over as rust now that rust has gone. so you do not know me technically.

      • semmie says:

        Oooooh. Right. Zakk. Well, Zakk. Where has Rust gone? I would love to talk with him if he has his head screwed on straight again.

        As for you, I sincerely welcome you to my blog. If you want to discuss socialism and health care, I am more than willing. I certainly do not claim to be an authority on either issue. However, I will treat you with respect, so I expect the same in return. If that’s not your cup of tea, and you refuse my, then I suggest you find another blog. This one exists for discussion and debate.

        Pax Domini!

  5. nothingman says:

    i doubt he would wish me to discuss where he is gone. perhaps we should call him something else since i am rust now. we can call him josh. a good strong name.

    respect is earned.

    discussion and debate i can do. if you are unversed in socialism and the many ways in which you use it daily-even to relay these messages to me using socialist electricity on the socialist internet- why do you hate it so when it comes to health care. it seems to me you are only against it because those in the right wing wish you to say it. and that is serfdom.

    • semmie says:

      No, either you are Rust, or you are Zakk. You cannot be both.

      As for respect, if you wish to insist that it is earned, then you will earn mine. This is my blog, not yours.

      But if all you have to say is that I am unversed in socialism and that I don’t know why I am against health care, then you are neither respectful nor respectable.

      Choose carefully before you respond again. I have low tolerance for this kind of nonsense.


      • nothingman says:

        rust is a title. if josh wished me to be rust i am rust. he has drilled me enough in it by the count of anybody.

        i do not care to have your respect. i am here looking for clues. i saw the post and was instructed to never run from an amusing debate.

        but you claimed to be unversed in your own words. it is not disrespectful to agree with you that you are unversed in socialism and do not know why you oppose healthcare. i was even nice enough to explain why you oppose healthcare. because you have been told to. which merely makes you unversed in the reality of things. which is better than just being a hypocrite i should assume.

        your tolerence or lack of its does not worry me. i did not come here to make friends. i came here to figure out a note.

  6. semmie says:


    First, I did not claim to be unversed. I said I was not an authority. Big difference there, kiddo.

    Second, if you don’t play by the rules, you will be banninated.

    Third, Rust wants to play? Tell him to wear a cup.

    If you choose disrespect, your posts will be deleted.

    Thanks for coming. 🙂

    • nothingman says:

      go ahead ban me. but do not expect it to stick. his first lessons to me were on proxy servers header manipulation and disposable email accounts. one case in point would be that email address currently in my your email widget. it’s a disposable account. i click a button and a new throwaway email appears. it is sort of like magic but without a funny hat

  7. semmie says:

    Sorry, kiddo. I gave you the choice. Go in peace.

  8. semmie says:

    What’s that?…Oh, right…Moderation. Beautiful thing.

    Love you, Rust.

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