Bonus Points

10,000 Bonus SemBlog Points to the first person to respond to this blog post.

5,000 to the second.

2,000 to the third.


13 thoughts on “Bonus Points

    • Hey Duane! I’ve been wondering where you disappeared to. I hope all is well. :)

      Unfortunately, the Magic Points are only good here at my blog. But…I think I’m gonna do a give-away at the end of the year for whoever has the most points. It’ll probably be something cheesy…like a My Little Pony Sticker…but you never know. It might (to be read, “probably will”) be a book. Or a couple of books. Or something. :)

      Yeah…I have great dreams, don’t I? God likes to talk to me through my dreams…which I’m not entirely comfortable with yet. But…God is good, and I would rather He speak to me in odd dreams…than not at all. :)

      Pax! And Congrats on your points!

      • Life is busy and blogging get put on the back burner sometimes. I’ve been mentally tired at night lately and tend to become a cave dweller at times.

        The correct answer to my question is … a cup of coffee. :-)

        I don’t remember dreams much at all, but hear His still small voice and really hear the most at a small group prayer meeting I attend every Monday night. He often takes us down a path, so to speak.

        Maybe I should start magic points at my blog. I don’t get many comments. I could maybe part with one of my 20+ Andrew Murray books or something.

        Pressing on,


      • Duane, I understand about blogging and the back burner. I really do. Don’t push yourself…but blog when you’re able. Life first. :) In my case, I have no life, so…I tend to have LOTS of blogtime. HAHA!

        I started writing down my dreams as soon as I woke up, because I was noticing recurring themes and such. So.

        Good times. Keep your chin up. :)

  1. Dang!!! I lost my key, and then the dog ate my homework, and then my alarm didnt go off, and then, my bike wouldnt start, and then when it did, i ran out of gas….but finally, i made it.

    • Oh, Raptor! Not good. You missed bonus points. Bummer! I sent you some pearls over at Tweb, though…with an offer for some extra points………

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