Church & Needs, part I

Yesterday, as part of the discussion to Changing the Conversation about why some Christians don’t attend church, Rachel offered this question:

do you think that maybe Christians “try” a different church, or simply seek out a different church, because their needs aren’t being met?

This is a great question. After I read this last night, I started trying to think of real-life examples (not hypotheticals) where some have left one church for another, or have stopped attending church altogether. Here’s what I thought of–and remember, I offer no judgment on these issues, I merely acknowledge that they have been issues in real examples that I know of.

  • Doctrinal Disagreements
  • Lack of Welcome & Fellowship
  • Lack of Discipleship, Education, & Personal Accountability
  • Music
  • Atmosphere
  • Sexual Abuse and/or Addiction
  • Lack of Ministry Programs & Opportunities to Serve
  • Scheduling Conflicts
  • Lack of Humility and Accountability in Leadership

So what say you? What are some of the specific (though, no gory details, please) reasons you’ve known for someone to leave a church or stop attending church altogether? Have I missed any big issues that you know of?

Pax Domini.

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5 Responses to Church & Needs, part I

  1. sallyhanan says:

    Our church used to be large. A lot of people left because of gossip; and a lack of power, presence, passion, and prayer.

    • semmie says:

      Oh Sally. I am sorry to hear that. Gossip can be so destructive to a body.

      I hope your church is dealing with those issues, and that God is restoring the things that Satan tried to destroy. Are you still there? It seems to me that you would be instrumental in bringing about some of the healing and change needed there.

      Pax Domini!

  2. Ray says:

    Hiya Sarahmoo! On topic, I left (was politely ostrisized) because I found a family dominated building that was not open to congre-gational input: doing so (my ‘sin’) led to being excluded from any
    events, and planning of such (and I was very involved).
    In hindsight, I came to see a replacement of the Pharisees by the Pastor (only speaking on my case-not ALL churches).
    I wont go any further, as it brings on bitterness to speak on ‘lost causes’.
    As for church, for me now…..well, it happens whereever I find another person to make the ‘two or more gathered in His name’.
    Myeh…..When I AM is, i am not.

    • semmie says:

      Good morning, my little Ray of Sunshine.

      I appreciate your response to this. I…when you say “family dominated” do you mean that the church was run by a royal family? Or do you mean that the church pivoted around families, without room for singles, divorcees, homosexuals, Rays, et cet?

      Do me one favor, Ray? Just…don’t give up entirely on the idea of the Church. I’m not saying…go hopping around. I’m just saying…don’t give up entirely. Churches can change, just like people.

      Pax Domini.

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